Lino is currently a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics team of a local municipal department. He is a certified instructor in numerous areas pertaining to security, including arrest and control and active shooter disciplines.Lino was the lead instructor and officer in charge of Homeland Security Training for more than 1,000 officers. His knowledge-base and real-time experience has provided him insight and forward-thinking second to none.

Throughout his career, Lino has protected various dignitaries. He was the key component for many years for the in-house security detail of the Academy Awards. Lino has demonstrated time and time again why he is a valued asset to any team in regards to protecting America’s elite and high profile members of society.

Lino ensures that professionalism and attention to detail are at the forefront of any protection detail. He has a keen sense of locating breaches in security measures and quickly resolves any problems with minimal exposure for the client. Lino has garnered the experience and knowledge to fit any of your security needs for complete and safe protection.  Your privacy and well-being are the highest priority when working with him.

Lino Santana

Lino Santana has been a law enforcement professional for well over 20 years. He has worked several elite units in his career. This has allowed him to gain experience in various fields of protection and threat assessment. This diverse set of skills places him in a position to be an expert in the field of dignitary protection and event security. 

Amir El-Farra

Vince is currently a member of his department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team, and has been so throughout the majority of his career. Through years of training and real life incidents, Vince has gained a vast knowledge and experience in all areas of tactical incidents including: vehicle assaults, active shooter / immediate response incidents, hostage rescue incidents, terrorist / suicide bomber incidents, recon scouting, operation planning, dignitary protection, etc. This ongoing training and experience continues today.    

Vince is also a certified instructor in various law enforcement disciplines and has trained thousands of officers throughout Southern California. 

Because of Vince’s law enforcement background and experience in tactical planning, he is able to make quick and accurate decisions when it comes to security and protection detail. Our clients’ security and protection is our highest priority; to ensure this, Vince utilizes the same methods and tactics that he implements during law enforcement operations.


Vince Vaicaro, M.S.

Vince Vaicaro has over 10 years of dedicated service to the law enforcement profession. He has worked in various specialized units during this time.  These opportunities have allowed him to conduct investigations relating to all types of crimes ranging from low-level property crimes to homicides. With a strong background in these investigations, Vince has developed a solid understanding of how these crimes are committed, and more significantly, how to prevent them. 

Who We Are

​His experience in the field of security ranges nearly 20 years.  He has protected high profile individuals listed on the Forbes 400 list.  This has allowed him to work extensively with the United States Secret Service and other entities ​tasked with protecting dignitaries and heads of state.  He has designed and developed strategies to protect some of Los Angeles’ most prominent figures.  He has managed physical security measures to include security personnel, ​CCTV, access control, intrusion detection and other advanced security measures to ensure the clients safety.   

Amir personally meets with all of his clients to develop long-term plans for a safe and secure environment.  His goal is to achieve an atmosphere where the client is comfortable and achieves the level of privacy they desire.  Due to his extensive background in the field of protection, Amir has gained a network of individuals that is unparalleled in the field. Amir has a solid working relationship with local, State and Federal law enforcement, and emergency response officials. Amir can ensure all your security needs are being met.  He maintains and demands the highest standards of professionalism and protection for his clients.

Amir El-Farra has nearly two decades in the law enforcement profession.  He has worked in several specialized units handling major crimes ranging from kidnap and ransom to homicides. He is currently a supervisor for a local municipal department.  He is a certified instructor in arrest and control techniques and crowd control environments.  He has trained over 1,000 law enforcement personnel in various techniques. 

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