PPO #17792
Precision Security and Protective Services

There are other businesses out there that will state that they can provide these services. So what sets us apart from the others? We are not only active Law Enforcement Officers, but we also train other Law Enforcement Officers. Because of our various specialties, we have been selected as trainers for our colleagues, and have been recognized throughout the State of California. We have excelled in our body of work and have proved to be extremely proficient in what we do, which has facilitated our growth in all areas of Law Enforcement. The leadership that we demonstrate has allowed us to take these skills and effectively teach others in our profession for their own development.

When selecting Precision Security and Protective Services you will employ a company that is not only comprised of Law Enforcement Officers, but Officers who are also current leaders and trainers in the business. With the quality of personnel that we have amassed, no other company can compete with the level of knowledge and experience that we can provide. 

No other security company has active law enforcement personnel who are as knowledgeable or more up-to-date in all facets of Law Enforcement. This translates directly into the quality of services we can provide as a security and protection company.  With Precision Security and Protective Services you will not only receive a constant security presence, but you will also be getting the best any security company can offer with officers who have an unmatched background in Law Enforcement and Military.

As active Law Enforcement Officers we are continuously receiving and participating in the most current training in all aspects of Law Enforcement (laws, investigations, tactical operations, firearm instruction/training on multiple weapon deployments ranging from hand gun operations to assault rifles, arrest and control tactics, driving tactics, surveillance and counter surveillance, Field Force Operations, Dignitary Protection, Terrorism Intelligence, SWAT Team operations, etc.). 

What Separates Us From The Rest?