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Precision Security and Protective Services

Some companies will base what they do off of best practices and case studies. That method is designed for failure. Best practices and case studies are based off of the past and do not prepare properly for the future. While these may be quality techniques to assist with planning, they should never be the sole source of information to base your security designs from. It is common knowledge that the very same people we are protecting you from are fully aware of these methods. If the security company is not fluid and constantly evolving, then the client will be at risk.  For any security and protection plan to be a success you must stay ahead of those you are protecting against.


In the world of security and protection, if you are not constantly changing and evolving your practices, then you are already falling behind. No protection plan works the same every time.  You can implement the same plan for the same scenario, and each time you will encounter something new. Precision Security and Protective Services will evolve and be ever-changing in our methods of protection and security to ensure your safety is never jeopardized. ​

Identifying Areas of Vulnerability

At Precision Security and Protective Services, our initial assessment of each and every situation is treated with the highest regard for protecting lives and property. Complete threat assessments are done for all clients, regardless of the level of security you desire.  Every potential and current vulnerability that you have will not only be located and pointed out, but a complete plan on how to strengthen your security will be recommended for you.  

We do not sell various levels of security; we only provide the top of the line services for our clients. Our extensive backgrounds in Law Enforcement and tactical planning for large-scale operations--which includes multiple SWAT operations--have provided us with the best training and real life experience anyone could ask for. With such strong backgrounds in this area, we are second to none when it comes to threat assessments and identifying weak points in security. It is our job to locate the weak points of every assessment in order to successfully provide the highest quality security and protection.  

Our Methods